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Healing Through Horses Capital Campaign

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Due to the significant demand for services, the Chastain Horse Park Board is embarking on a $8.9 million Healing through Horses capital campaign to build a new Chastain Horse Park Therapeutic Horsemanship Center, a new therapeutic arena and additional outdoor paddocks for our horses.

With these improvements, we will fulfill the significant demand for world-class equine-assisted activities and therapies, changing lives one session at a time. Chastain faces significant scheduling and space restraints in our attempt to accommodate more clients at high demand times such as weekends and after school/work hours. In fact, the Park can only offer Hippotherapy services 2 days a week due to a shortage of arena space. The current Chastain Horse Park facilities were not originally designed or constructed to meet the needs of current commercial operations and therefore limit the organizations' ability to scale their business. Existing structures have neared the end of their life expectancy and new structures, or major repairs, must take place. Additionally, the current utilization of scarce flat land does not provide for enough outdoor space for their most valuable partners: the horses. The disability statistics are alarming and are on the rise: 20% of Americans between the ages of 16 and 64 suffer from some sort of physical, mental or emotional impairment; one in every 26 American families reports raising children with a disability; Autism Spectrum Disorder affects one in every 68 children and nationally, nearly 1,000,000 children with this disorder will age into adulthood in the next decade; and Georgia has a significantly larger percentage of individuals with functional disabilities (mobility, cognition, independent living, vision and self-care) than the national average across all segments. This data creates a compelling case for the need to improve and expand facilities at Chastain Horse Park to serve this community.

Chastain Horse Park is thrilled to have partnered with the architectural and design expertise of Tim Adams and his team at TS Adams Studio. Tim has captured the essence of the feel that our clients love about Chastain Horse Park with a welcoming feel and a conscious decision to focus on creating a space with the needs of our therapeutic clients in mind.

"It’s been an honor and pleasure to be selected as the Architect for the new Chastain Horse Park barns and structures. Not only is an iconic landmark in Buckhead, but it is an amazing facility that gives back to the community through its outreach and therapy programs. Throughout the life of TS Adams Studio, Architects, we have designed numerous private horse barns throughout the Southeast but this project will always remain a special project in our portfolio. " - Tim Adams, AIA.

To execute the plan, Macallan Construction will oversee all construction of our new facilities taking great care to allow us to continue all programming and to minimize the impact on our horses. This is an exciting time for Chastain Horse Park, TS Adams Studio and Macallan Construction as we rebuild one of the last urban barns in the United States!

Therapeutic Horsemanship Center

The Therapeutic Horsemanship center will combine a new 40 horse barn with climate controlled office, classroom and a lounge. Limited space will be a thing of the past. Imagine a bright, colorful, temperature-controlled classroom with whiteboards and visuals where participants and at-risk youth learn about anatomy, grooming and equine health. They can then walk right out to the barn to apply their new knowledge with real horses. This is where life-skills are honed.

The Center will have special areas so that programming can continue even on inclement weather days or when un-mounted therapy is the best strategy. This is critically important for those individuals who struggle to regulate body temperature due to their diagnosis. This room will be equipped for sensory and movement activities. The occupational and physical therapists will conduct supplemental work here to meet their goal of offering comprehensive therapeutic services for clients.

New Covered Arena

A new arena dedicated to therapeutic programming will creates space desperately needed to meet the demand for services and will be critical to reaching Chastain Horse Park’s goal of doubling program capacity. The arena will create opportunities for clients to develop new skills that could have life-changing verbal, behavioral or physical impacts.

Additional Outdoor Space

The job of our therapeutic horses is mentally, and physically taxing and outdoor spaces give the horses a break from being in an enclosed stall. It allows them to socialize, release excess energy and just be in an outdoor natural setting. Several new paddocks will be designed with proper footing, fencing and drainage ensuring a safe, clean and dry outdoor area. Additional outdoor space is critically important to the health of the horses and the safety of the participants.

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