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Outreach Horizons

Equine Assisted Learning

Chastain Horse Park's Community Outreach Program is designed to improve participants with functional life skills, provide a hands on experiential learning opportunity, non-judgmental environment and chance to be exposed to horses, horsemanship, and all the benefits provided by such experiences. The customized program for each group boosts the participant’s self-confidence and social skills. It allows individuals to interact and communicate not only with each other but with the horses as they give them commands while riding and listen to directions from the instructor.

Types of Community Outreach

Stable Senses Group Visit

Stable Senses

This experiential program focuses on at-risk youth populations and focuses on community and self-development. The program includes interaction with our horses as well as team-building and communication activities to increase self-confidence, responsibility and leadership potential. Benefits of Stable Sense: discovery—discover the meaning of team in an outdoor environment, compassion—develop lasting relationships with peers and horses alike, opportunity—open new doors to improve self-confidence and leadership skills.

Field Trip Group Visit

Field Trips

Field trips may be up to two hours in length and structured as either mounted or non-mounted sessions. Student visitors receive an introduction to horse grooming, handling and riding. CHP provides trained staff and volunteers to conduct and supervise the direct activities for field trips, however groups are required to provide adequate parental or staff support to maintain the safety and integrity of the group.

Scholarship Opportunities

Chastain Horse Park makes our Community Outreach Programs financially accessible to all.

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