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Therapeutic Riding

Outreach Programs 

Each year, Chastain Horse Park seeks to raise over $500,000 to provide subsidies and needs-based scholarships for individuals in our Therapeutic Program.  The need for Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies in the Atlanta area continues to grow. Georgia has a significantly larger percentage of individuals with functional disabilities (mobility, cognition, independent living, vision and self-care) than the national average across all segments.

Help us continue to make a difference in the lives of our therapeutic participants.

Chastain Horse Parks is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.


Our Healing Horses are used in our Therapeutic Riding Program. 

Adopting a Healing Horse ensues its care for an entire year

Our equines work hard every day to care for us, let's care for them.


$15,000  ...........................................  all costs for one year




Adopt Me!

Email to learn more about our "Adopt a Healing Horse" program which supports our  therapeutic scholarship program.


Hi, my name is Beauty and I’m a 13.1 hand Black pony. You may notice the white splotches all over my face and body…fun fact, I wasn’t born with those! I’m relatively new to the CHP herd but I’ve made fast friends both with two and four legs. I may be small but when it’s time for dinner my personality turns quite large.


I'm a little chestnut gelding that's been at CHP for almost a decade. As a naturally energetic horse, the heat doesn't really affect me. That makes me really popular with the instructors during the summer. I'm also able to teach a wide variety of students, from therapeutic riders to some of our most advanced teenagers. 


Hi, my name's Willow and I do a lot of jobs around here. I'm only ten years old but I've got the mind of an older horse. I'm patient, thoughtful, and quiet so I'm perfect for everyone to learn on -- both in our lessons program and therapeutic program.


My name's Lady Liberty, but you can call me Libby. I'm a Morgan, one of the first American horse breeds, and we're known for being smart and strong (if a bit on the short side). I'm great at teaching because I always make sure my riders are paying attention. 


What’s up everyone! My name is Hudson. I’m the youngest horse in the Therapeutic herd. I’m a gorgeous bay with flawless hair. I do a lot of jobs around Chastain Horse Park. I may be young but I’m a great horse for everyone to learn on, which is why I get to be used in both programs – therapeutic and lessons program. Even though I pin my ears from time to time, I’m actually very sweet & love to be hand walked around the property.


I'm a 15-year-old palomino gelding with wisdom beyond my years. I can always tell what level of rider I have on my back, and I make sure to treat them accordingly. While I've been involved with both the therapeutic program and the lesson program over the years, I've decided to focus on lesson program recently. 


Hallo! I’m Hank the Holsteiner. I’m one of the only horses in the Therapeutic herd that’s been over seas. I was born in Germany and made my way to the United States at a very young age. I even have proof of my heritage on my left flank. If you look closely, you’ll see my branding. I have always been an old soul & I absolutely love taking care of my riders, no matter their age.


Hi, my name is Pumpkin and I'm guessing I was named that cause I do kinda look like a Pumpkin -- chestnut and very round. While I might look rotund and I walk a little funny from an old injury, I used to be quite the polo pony and can still keep up with the others just fine. I'm sweet as can be, and my favorite thing on earth is cuddling up to humans. I'm super excited to start my new career as a therapy horse and can't wait to meet all of you! 


Howdy, my name is Woody (yes, like Woody from Toy Story). Toy Story happens to be my show name. When I was younger, I used to jump in competitions. I’m pretty unique looking with my black and white coloring. I love my new job at Chastain Horse Park. The coolest thing about me is probably where I’m from. Have you ever read the book, Misty of Chincoteague? Well, it’s a true story about a famous pony from the Island of Chincoteague, where lots of wild ponies used to roam around. I am related to Misty because I’m a Chincoteague Pony. I’m the only horse at CHP that can say that!

Hola, I’m Gabby an Argentine Polo pony. I’m a part of the CHP retired polo pony clique. I may not look like my other polo girlfriends because I still have my long luscious locks – I was voted best hair at CHP! I’m loving my job at Chastain. I also happen to be one of the favorites in the Hippotherapy sessions. Adios!

Hello, everyone. I am Stella & I used to be a professional Polo Pony. I would consider myself quite unique. There are a lot of special things about me! First off, I only get to see using my right eye, unfortunately I lost the sight from my left eye not too long ago. Secondly, I get special hay/grain because I barely have any teeth! (My muzzle is ALWAYS green from my yummy food). I also have a funny hair cut, which I love because it reminds me of my old Polo days. Even though I’m on the older side, I still love to play in the turnout arena with my gal pals.

Like most of my friends here, I'm also a registered quarter horse gelding. Despite my name, I'm a pretty laid back guy, and not at all rebellious. That's because I have the best job in the barn. I get to wear a comfortable western saddle and go on regular sensory trail rides. 

You can help make a difference in people's lives as they heal through horses.

Each year, our Therapeutic Programs provide more than 5,200  life-changing sessions to our riders.  Accomplishing this requires the support of volunteers to fill the 225 volunteer-hour slots each WEEK.

Serving ages 2 to 80, our programs are dedicated to empowering and healing our riders physically, mentally and emotionally.